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Quality Policy

We wish to profitably develop, manufacture and sell assistive products and services in a manner based on our vision. In order to achieve this, we apply a quality system for systematic management of activities that impact on the quality of our products and services.


Our aim is to develop, produce and deliver assistive products that offer users and their relatives increased independence and safety.


The management group has undertaken to facilitate the commitment to quality work to ensure that everyone, both our own employees and our suppliers/partners, are motivated to pursue constant improvement.


Regular audits and assessments ensure understanding and compliance with our quality targets by everyone within our organisation. In order to reach the target, we have undertaken to uphold a quality system based on ISO 13485. The intent here is to manage all activities that impact on the quality of our products and services. With the help of regular audits, our quality manager ensures understanding and compliance with this aim by everyone within our organisation.



Environmental Policy

We comply with current environmental legislation and other requirements, and aim to exceed applicable laws and other regulations.


We commit ourselves to continually improving our environmental work and reducing the company's energy consumption / finding new more environmentally friendly alternatives and minimizing transports.


Our ambition is to monitor the company's actual environmental impact, such as energy consumption and emissions. Through environmental plans and systematic work, continuous improvement is achieved in these respects.


We train our employees in how they can take more care of the environment in their daily work.


We sort our waste and recycle when possible, as well as ensure that environmentally hazardous waste is handled in a safe way.


We strive to use eco-labeled products in our operations.


We use as few harmful substances as possible and choose environmentally friendly options wherever possible.


We also set environmental requirements for contractors and suppliers and, together with our partners, seek to develop solutions for environmentally sound technology and resource management.


We are constantly working on improvements in our environmental work.



Code of Conduct for Abilia Suppliers

This Code of Conduct defines the basic requirements placed on Abilia’ suppliers of goods and services concerning their responsibilities towards their stakeholders and the environment. Abilia reserves the right to reasonably change the requirements of this Code of Conduct due to changes of the Abilia Compliance Program. In such event Abilia expects the supplier to accept such reasonable changes. Click here to read more.