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Everyone benefits from increased participation and independence

It’s a human right

We invent for life

Working closely with people with special needs, we invent high-quality assistive tools to help people live richer and fuller lives. Our tools support people to create structure in their daily lives,
communicate with people around them,
control their home environment or call for assistance.

- Access to the right assistive tool at the right time can make all the difference.

Our areas of expertise

Abilia Cognition


Abilia Communication


Enviromental control

Enviromental control



20 March

Abilia acquires the company Comai

Abilia has acquired Comai AB, a Swedish company with established products within cognitive assistive tools. The company's main…

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25 February
Viktor Petrovski

Viktor Petrovski, new CFO at Abilia AB

February 20, Viktor Petrovski started as Abilias new CFO and he is stationed at the headquarter in Stockholm.

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8 February

We are prepared for a ‘no deal’ Brexit


We know that many people are relying on our assistive tools and have made preparations to make sure we can continue to deliver to our…

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